Sep 272014

Beach is not the only place in the world where you can see girls party in bikini! So boys called their friends up, and they got together in the sauna! Sexy ladies who they study with got so excited about the idea, they took along tiniest swimsuits and got ready to rock the place! Guys bought as much booze as we could carry, and the party started!

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Sep 272014

The young sexy beautiful girl by name Masha with the friends Dima and Pasha decided to arrange sex party. They have met with two friends on the beach. But what party without girls? It was happy day for all gays! On the beach they got acquainted with four sexy girls. They were cheerful charming sexy girls with great figure. After lovely conversation Masha with Dima retired to wood. The student sex party has begun. Masha started blowing Dima’s dick. He has bent her and hard fucking pussy before loud groans.

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College girls undressed have started to kiss, that was lesbian game. Beautiful blonde caressed pussy to her girlfriend. It was crazy wild orgy. Blonde Olga furiously sucked cock of guy. One chick fucked in the ass and blowing strong dicks. That was unforgettable, wild, student sex orgy.

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Sep 242014

Teen girls having fun at pajamas partyThis is the merry company of students that is always looking for something new and exciting, for real fun and entertainment! They like being together and it’s no wonder they have gathered this weekend. Hurray! The pajamas party is in the full play with its sexy looking girls in tight undies and handsome guys demonstrating the muscle bodies in nothing but delicious pants, with its portions of pop corn and silly but funny games!

Once you join this merry company and look into their room you will see them talking and laughing at each other. These people know each other so well that they will always find what to do together. A couple of bottles of champagne and here you are – everybody feels absolutely at ease, boys start making approaches to the girls that don’t seem to mind flashing some inches of the naked skin. Well, well, time passes and it gets clear that the pajamas party is gonna turn into the real sex one!

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Sep 202014

We’ve got really wild college whores for today’s party! Breaking into groups we get in the cars ready for a long journey. Well, it didn’t seem that long thanks to our insane girlfriends. The talks in the cars are all about tits and suntanned guys – a nice beginning indeed. Let me tell you a secret of a perfect party – take lots of alcohol (we had it all from champagne and beer to wine and vodka) and get the chicks drunk from the very beginning! A few moments later you see them washing the cars and each other by foamy sponges… all naked!

Leaving everyone for a sec to piss in the woods I find a gorgeous nudie suntanning, and it’s a great chance to probe her mouth! I always wonder where these barely legal sluts learn to suck so well!!! We play bottle, which is another secret of a perfect party, since it makes chicks feel sexier and hornier. You’ll see them kissing each other and riding our cocks with cum spraying their drunk pretty faces and then two of them having a lesbian session with me joining them for a kinky threesome with loud moans.

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Sep 182014

Crazy group sex at a student adult partyBest parties are those that you don’t plan. I stuffed my fridge with beer before going to college. Cause I knew I would want to get lush when I come home after exam, whatever the results would be. Why did I buy that much? Well, I’m used to surprises, student’s life is full of those. It often happens that on your way home you meet hottest college girls who don’t mind to party with you. In that case alcohol may appear very useful :) Like this time, when me and my friend picked up three cute babes, right by the college!

Crazy group sex at a student adult partyThose tiny checkered uniform skirts, exhibiting pretty girls legs, looked so good on our sexy visitors. I never thought I had a real fetish before, now I can tell I have one. If you ever spend a night with three teenage dolls, you will say exactly the same. It was fun and simple, we ordered pizza, shared few dirty jokes, made a weird cocktail with all ingredients I could find for it… Then, don’t ask how, I found myself in the bathroom with the blonde one! Hard to explain how good her bj skills were, better watch! And her ass was delicious!

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Sep 142014

Amateur studs dancing strip and having orgy are shot

All say that college education is very important for  further career. But these students combine education with drinking some whiski :)

But really if they spent all  time at studies we wouldn’t have this killer site where couple  videos of studs parties which usually start with the fountain of alcohol and go on with explosive couple and threesome and more fucks and pussies and asses of course ;)


Sep 132014

Drunk chicks practice group finger fuckWedding is supposed to be a happy day, but when you realize that you’re losing your best friend, sort of, you can’t feel happy about it. When we got to know that our close girlfriend decided to get married, we couldn’t believe it! No more wild parties? No more one night stands? No more sex with random college guys? Oh come on! To remind our future wife how cool life of single college girl is, we threw this real crazy all-girl party for her! No boys, only wild sexy chicks who know how to rock! If that doesn’t make her change her mind, then whatever :)

Drunk chicks practice group finger fuckBefore going to a party, me and the bride dropped in… Where do you think? You’ll never guess. The sex shop! We found crazy eye-popping stuff there and bought some cool toys. Dildos, Ben Wa balls and a strap-on. Sounds tempting, right? I thought so :) So we brought all that to our apartment, and the girls were drying to try the toys out. But we left it for dessert and started the party with champagne and dirty talks. Then, to prove our soon-to-be wife that she’s making a big mistake, we called a real hot black stripper. Oh dear, that guy was exhaling the scent of sex! We all felt something coming…

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Sep 072014

College girls get nude and fuck in the clubI can throw a party in the dormitory and it will go well. But ain’t it cool when you have a real great place for this purpose? Like the whole club just for you and you friends, where you can go crazy and do whatever you want! I can almost hear you sigh and whisper – damn, these rich kids… Well yeah, so what? Wealthy students know how to relax, cause they’ve seen it all, and they need something real special to turn them on! So me me and my friends rented this club and brought along our wing girls and their hot girlfriends for one awesome party session!

The place had everything that we needed – the bar with lots of alcohol, the dance floor, the disco-ball which made us all sparkle as we danced, even the swings and other cool stuff. We told our ladies to put on really hot outfits so it would be a masked party, and they did! We had a sexy brunette playboy bunny, a sweet blonde angel… But soon as the night started, all those costumed were dropped to the floor. Our chicks wanted to party naked, they showed off their tight butts and nice boobs. Well, that’s something to be proud of! Watch the video!


Sep 012014

Ultimate group sex in forestThe girls wanted to have a swim, and at first we watched them fooling around and splashing each other, but eventually we joined them. After swimming the appetite is always good, so barbeques with wine were just what we needed. Finally it was time to start what we came here for: wild orgy!!! At first one couple started fucking, then another one joined them, and then we were all there on the blanket, fucking each other really hard. Tits, cocks, butts and cum anywhere you look. This is what I call a cool summer party! Some people were passing by, and I bet they’ll never forget what they saw :)

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Aug 222014

Party story:

Best college friends are quick to understand each other. Eva asked her over to her place, and Eva already knew it meant she was throwing a party! I brought my boys along, and when we were invited in, we saw hottest Eva’s girlfriends gathered in one fucking room! That was promising. We drank sham and wine, we laughed our lungs out and of course we fucked! You can’t leave such sexy girls unsatisfied, when they really want it!

Of course we couldn’t just take our dicks out and ask girls to suck them off, it takes wit and skill to get laid. First, we thought that spin-a-bottle game would ease everybody, and by good fortune we already had some empty bottles of sham in the room :) The game started and went oh so well. Girls making out, I was waiting for it to happen and it did. One sexy brunette wasn’t that lucky though, the bottle never pointed at her. Sick and tired of it, she left the room, but my buddy followed her, and five minutes later we heard the girl moan! He was obviously fucking her, roughly!

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