Dec 122012
Dec 032012

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Nov 242012

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Sep 272011

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Jun 012011

Football fans Victor Anton and Alex decided cheerfully to spend evening. They have bought lot of beer and snack, were conveniently arranged on a sofa, with impatience expected football match. But today there was not their day, TV has broken. But these cool gays didn’t despair. Victor has suggested calling on a visit familiar girls, Anton and Alex with pleasure agreed. Soon, come Sveta Ira and Lena but not one, they resulted with themselves friends, cute sexy chicks. The party promised to be frying orgy! All have got drunk; girls started dancing striptease, to tempt gays, showing tits, hips, slender feet, sexual bodies. All wished one – it is lot of sex! Lustful Ira began to suck Alex’s dick, she is blowing amazing. Anton started hard drilling Lena’s pussy on the sofa. The naked Sveta kissed and caressed friends hot pussy on the table. She is fingers deeply getting into her hole. It was group fucking, all changed partners, changing poses, blowing and fucking, giving each other pleasure. Girls groaned in ecstasy, boys enjoying multiple orgasms, terminated on naked sexual girls bodies and smiles faces! That was fantastic!

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May 252011

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May 172011

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Apr 272011

Examinations have been successfully over, heavy academic year remained behind. Cheerful happy students have decided to organize the best wild sexy orgy of the year. Four cool boys rented sauna, bought many bottles of champagne and pick up beautiful girls: blonde, brunette, redheads.  All drank champagne, danced and started to undress. Ilya has suggested arrange a group sex and drunken students agreed with great pleasure. Naked sexual brunette Tania on leather sofa started blowing Den’s big hard dick. Ivan started to caress fingers her pussy then Max started drilling Tania’s deep hot hole. In shower Ivan and Marina hard fucking standing.  Redhead chick drank champagne from a bottle while her horny pussy drilling big hard black dick. All fucked with each other everywhere, changing poses and places. Girls are ready on all; showed hot pussy, blowing greedy, passionately, deep penetration it was necessary for them. Max and Den terminated Tania’s cute face. Ivan terminated Marina’s sexy tits. All guys show their sperm. Chicks were happy satisfied. Wild sexy orgy was how thrilling!

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Apr 142011

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Tequila is unadulterated mystery, fellows, I would like you to know that. The proposed blazing chicks required just few shots to transform into wild things and begin wild orgy. Notwithstanding soon there were four exposed chicks in the room, and four cocks that would have been wise to be dealt with. Dana and Kristina, began the night with surprising bunch sexual moment. They were fucked in front of practically every soul in the leaving room.. Looking at them I myself developed hard! You must see full length video from this pary.

Apr 082011

We’ve got quite wild coed chicks for today’s party! Softening into bunches we get up the autos prepared for an extended excursion. Well, it didn’t appear that extended in light of our crazy better halves. The talks in the autos are every about tit and suntanned fellas – a delightful start undoubtedly. Give me a chance to tell you a secret of an ideal gathering – take bunches of firewater :) (we had it all from champagne and brew to wine and Russian vodka) and get the chicks smashed from the exact start! A few time later you see them washing the autos and one another by frothy sponges… all exposed!

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Mar 222011

Horny fellas call a sexy cleaner after sex partyWhen Anton woke up in the morning when that crazy teen sex party  he was stunned with every last trace of the mess all over the place in the room. Exhaust flasks, attire, utilized condoms. And then Anton’s people were going to return. No one needed to tidy obviously so he chose to call a house more spotless firm on condition that they send them a sweltering teen girl. Then again they did. Her name was Masha. Masha happened to be quite a hottie! Partners viewed her cleaning they put for some time she curves over the table with a carpet.. Notwithstanding would be unable to accommodate the desire developing unyielding. Eric dragged adorable redhead to the front room where they undressed her and enlightened youngster a hard fuck deep penetration lesson. Masha was shrieking and inquiring let go as they infiltrated both Masha’s holes with they cocks. Then Anton shut her up staying his dick in her mouth. The sex party neverending story in video files ready! Watch the video inside.


Mar 212011

I am able to arrange a gathering in the dorm and it will go well. However ain’t it cool at what point you have a genuine excellent put for this reason? Love the entire club actually for you and you mates, where you would be able to become insane and do whatever you need! I would be able to well-nigh catch you sigh and whisper – damn, these rich jokes… Well better believe it, so what? Rich researchers ability to unwind, create they’ve viewed it all, and they necessity something legit extraordinary to turn them on! So me me and my mates leased this club and carried in our wing youngsters and their sizzling mates for one amazing gathering session!

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The place had all things that we required – the rod with heaps of booze, the move amaze, the disco-ball which made every one of us sparkle as we moved, even the swings and different cool stuff. We told our women to put on quite blazing outfits so it could be a veiled gathering, and they did! We had a sexy brunette playboy bunny, a sweet blonde heavenly attendant… Anyway soon as the night began, every one of those costumed were dropped to the ground surface.  Our chicks needed to gathering bare, they indicated off their tight butts and delightful boobs. Well, this is something to be pleased with!